Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adventures in Breathing

Good morning,
Nothing like mastering new technology first thing in the morning. I hope you are all well. I find myself back at Notre Dame waiting for my second double lung transplant. I am nowhere near as healthy as I was for transplant #1. In fact, that brings up this past weekend's events perfectly.
The aggravation began Friday afternoon. I simply could not catch my breath. My O2 fell to 50%. This is uncomfortable. I rather have a heavy door pinch my finger repeatedly.

The signs indicated that I was having an embolism which I predicted if I sold and bought a house in a single day. We did. I was sent to the ICU ASAP. After careful monitoring, it was determined that I merely suffered from a serious desaturation.

Basically, the littlest exertion causes your breathing to collapse. I have not been able to walk in 3 weeks. It is also hard (impossible) to go to the bathroom by yourself.
Luckily, I have returned from the ICU. But it is not all luck. I could not have made it out of the weekend without Francois. He is a classic, chiselled, salt and peppered mid 50s orderly. I think he also lives in the cracks at Notre Dame. Every time I needed to be moved whether it was 2am or 2pm, Francois would materialize from nowhere to help me out. How is this possible? Just another super employee who is helping me out.

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