Monday, June 25, 2012

24 hours later

Last night at this time I was sitting in the waiting room, rearranging the furniture. No, that is not a joke, I really did. In the long 10 hours between the time Jay was wheeled away and wheeled back, I was kept calm and sane by 3 of the dearest gals I have ever met. Most of what we said was hilarious and highly inappropriate given the circumstances.... I picked the right people to hang with me on horrible plastic chairs for 10 hours.

At one point, there was talk of destroying the bell on the elevator, which rang every. single. time. the elevator passed the floor. Do you know how many times a hospital elevator goes by in 10 hours? But we committed no vandalism, only sneaking wine because let's face it, we had to cope somehow. And cope we did.

By the time Jay came back up, we knew a miracle had occured. The amount of things that lined up yesterday to make this happen as smoothly as it did are too many to name: the right donor, the right Dr., SQ having just left for camp, everyone being there to help NJ (who by the way is having the time of her life with sleepovers and emailed me to say she wants to say an extra few nights!). The miracles are too many to count.

Today was nothing but astonishing and spectacular. Every milestone they set, Jay blew right past. Fastest removal of the tube, no oxygen 8 hours after transplant. And no coughing. Not a single cough. I have woken up to Jay's cough for 12 years. He has woken up to his own cough his whole life. And now, not a SINGLE cough. He can take DEEEEEEPPPPP breaths. Sure, he's uncomfortable, a little sore, extremely tired and for some reason, itchy as can be, but my goodness, he is doing miraculously well. The nurses are saying so. The Internist is saying so. He is setting records left and right.

Now we will both get some rest. It was a long day. Tomorrow, he will sit in a chair. And judging by how today went, I would not be surprised to have to write that he stood up.

Can I please remind you all to sign your donor cards? NONE of this would have been possible without the most generous gift of all, the gift of life.


  1. Itching might be a reaction to pain meds, anesthesia or some other substance they're pumping into him.
    I'm SO GLAD to hear he's got new, healthy lungs, and that the transplant went so well!!
    My card was signed ages ago.


  2. So happy to hear he's doing so well! I hope he continues his excellent recovery. I signed my card years ago.

  3. Wonderful news! Way to go Jay!!

    I have been thinking of the donor and their family too and hope that knowing what an incredible gift their loved one gave helps them to find some comfort and peace.

    Ticked the box as soon as I could and even as a child I made sure my family knew that was what I wanted.

  4. This is great news. Wishing him (and all of you!) a fast and easy recovery.

  5. This is all just amazing! I can't believe the picture of him giving you thumbs-up. You guys are such troupers.

  6. Dina Ethan Ella and KenJune 25, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Jay and Virgina, Trying to put words into a comment box that can express our feelings and joy at your attitude, your strength, your courage, your smile, your thumbs and just simply you both seems an insurmountable task but Jay you have taught us all how to approach insurmountable tasks. If only we could write our thoughts with the same spirit with which you have always lived then this comment box would be filled with pleasing powerful and persuasive poetic prose or more simply some Polaris or Grammy songwriting awarded lyrics. We are thinking of you both,
    Dina Ethan Ella and Ken
    Jay 'it hasn't hit me yet', We are 'head over heels' that 'it could happen to you'. 'Trust yourself' We hope you are 'always getting better' Keep 'holding on' We are hoping in 'time' as a 'homeward bound angel' you will soon be back 'together' with Virginia and the girls. We are looking forward to seeing you 'walk like you don't mind' with your 'brown eyed dogs'
    Tomorrow if all goes well' Dina will come from 'this town' which is not 'so far away' from 'Montreal' (it is not '3 hours away') with Lorne from 'Florida' 'It makes me wonder' about life's big and 'small miracles', We are so 'glad to be alive' with you. 'love never lies' even though it occasionally plagiarizes.

  7. You are both so very inspirational - I get goosebumps when I think about what you have been through and how strong you both are. Yasher Koach to both of you!
    Karen Etingin