Thursday, June 28, 2012

All tired out

I know you were all expecting a blog post from Jay. But he has a very busy morning. First they took 2 of the drains out, changed the dressing and the he visited the facilities for the first time... Nat was right. This is JUST like an adoption blog! First poop! (people who know Jay know how much he loves this topic, trust me, this is ok with him!)

After a good rest, I had to run out to go briefly pass out during a blood test, so I left him to take a looong walk with Melissa. Apparently. He did not really follow the no-talking rule. Or maybe he was so happy to talk to someone other than me! He followed that by yukking it up with Steph and Cliff. Good times!
So now he is wiped out and won't be blogging yet, but he read all the posts and every comment.


  1. Yay first poop!

    (And now, a few of my co-workers are left wondering why I'm laughing out loud, all alone...)

    Now, you go take care of yourself for a change. Team Jay seems to be ready to take over and entertain Mr. Miraculous.

  2. Way to go Jay! If poop is indeed a favorite topic of yours, then you MUST watch this absolutely priceless 3min video:

    Hope you make the grade!!! :)

  3. We had a great visit, he looks better and better every day! Hope we didn't wear him out ��

  4. Steph you guys brought a smile to his face. you have been there through the whole thing and we appreciate it more than you can know.