Friday, June 29, 2012

Late day update

Rough day today, jay has pneumonia. It was to be expected so it is not of grave concern, but no walking or sitting.

I forgot to bring my phone charger so in about 3 minutes I will be unable to communicate. If you text and I don't answer, don't panic, nothing is wrong, my battery is dead.

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  1. Virginia and Jay, Please do what you can to recharge your batteries (and I am not referring to your cell phones) Take it easy and let things heal and let the medicines take effect. I wish I could be with you but as I am currently sick with a chest cold or tracheaeitis myself you would not like me near you Jay. I am coughing and hoarse. So if we are not there physically then then please realize we are there in Spirit. Monday while working in the OR we listened to blue rodeo. Thursday there was no ipod connector in the room in which I was working. Jay we never got to say how much we appreciated you coming to Ella's Bat Mitzvah service. We were extremely happy to have you and Virginia up for an Aliyah and though we did not get them up perfectly smoothly it was with great joy that we had your girls come up to the bimah.
    Jay you have fought many pneumonia's in the past and please battle this one with the same spirit and strength that you always have. I am very proud to call you my Bro' in law.