Wednesday, June 27, 2012

End of day 3

It doesn't seem possible that is has only been 3 days. We have been waiting for so long and had several scenarios of what would happen. NONE of them included a full double-length hallway walk on day 3.

Today my fabulous knitting friends brought their yarn and tons of food to the waiting room and spend the morning with me, passing  the time and knitting. I kept popping in and out to see Jay but let him rest. And then, all of a sudden, the curtain opens and he's walking! It was amazing to see, and I ran to the waiting room to grab S. to make sure I wasn't dreaming!

Later I was able to leave him in the capable hands of J. who kept an eye on him while I ran around getting the iPad connected. What should have been a 3 min errand turned into a 3 hour one, but it's all done and Jay will be blogging as of tomorrow. His supper was supervised by his mother and sister, so it was a very full day once again.

I managed to stay up long enough to squeeze a little bit of time with NJ, who is being the most amazing trooper ever with all this turmoil. And at her request, Mortimer and Lucy came home at dinner time. These dogs are CONFUSED! They are looking everywhere for Jay and I am afraid I don't have the energy to pet Lucy to the levels she has been accustomed to by her Master Jay!!!

It ends up being a very long day, for Jay who has to do all the hard physical work and for me who has to do all the little things. But we are both elated and grateful for this wonderful gift and we will squeeze every minute out of the day!


  1. Jay is amazing all of us. And so are you.

    Each and every post of this blog is an inspiration: keep them coming!

  2. Virginie, it is so inspiring to read all your updates... Thanks for keeping this up - if I could only "Like" your posts!!!