Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This one is for Amy

The lovely nurse improved my chair situation because I am the least annoying spouse on the ward and I follow the visiting rules.
Also she mentioned in passing that she was glad Jay liked the fan on because she is in menopause....
In Jay news, after 2 hours in the chair he is finally exhausted and fast asleep in bed.


  1. This notes are keeping all of us smiling!!!
    Tell jay I went to the candy shop and have a huge basket filled with vintage 50's candy for him ready when he is to attack it!!! Or he can just add it to his collections

  2. You expect me to believe that you are going to spend the next 11+ days sitting on black vinyl...I'm starting a pool.

  3. Too funny... tell the nurse that dabbing peppermint essential oil (the real stuff, not the artificial) behind the ears as soon as she feels a heat wave start will stop it dead. You'll have a best friend for life ;)