Friday, June 29, 2012

a love note to nj

My dearest squishy-tushy, you have been such a brave girl! one morning, we had a full house, and next thing you know, your big sister is gone to camp, your daddy got his new lungs and your mommy is spending all her time at the hospital. You haven't complained once. Everyday when you say goodbye, you don't know who is going to pick you up, who's house you are going to end up at, you might not even sleep in your own bed... I am so sorry.... you are not even 7.... it shouldn't be so hard for you. But you are being so strong, and such a good girl. THANK YOU. Thank you for the videos you make for daddy, thank you for the hugs you give me to keep me going, thank you for rolling with the craziness and letting your other families pack you lunches. thank you for walking the dogs with me and for making sure Daddy has a charged iPad. Thank you for answering the door bell and being so polite to everyone and thanking them for their gifts. No little girl should have to do any of those things. But you will get your daddy back stronger. And then you can teach him to ride a bike.....

Does any one else want to thank NJ for her awesomeness? She can read and follows the blog faithfully.


  1. NJ, I have known about you since the first day your mom saw your picture, and even though you don't know me, I am so proud of you for helping your mommy and being so brave! And so happy for you that you will have a strong healthy daddy back very soon! Much love from Michigan.

  2. CHERYL SOKOLOFF NOVACKJune 29, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    NJ, you truly are amazing!!I loved the letter you sent to your Dad!! It was so colorful and as I told your Dad, he always has sun shining on him from the picture taped to the foot of his bed. You know that you always come on our boat every summer.Hopefully you will get to spend time on our boat this summer and maybe even waterski!!
    Enjoy your gymnastics camp and especially your TENNIS camp.LOVE,AUNTIE CHERYL!!!

  3. NJ, what an awesome girl you are! You are such a big help to your mom and a comfort to your dad. I hope that your family will all be together again soon.

    Wendy and Camille (also age 6 :)in Oregon

  4. NJ we love having you as a sister, daughter & friend in our house. You love dogs & pancakes, don't mind when Maya steals the covers & fit right in! We can't wait for the next sleepover. Keep being the great kid you are!

  5. To my big oh so grown up monkey, I have ALWAYS been proud of you but I have never been more proud of you than I am right now. You are such a strong little trooper and a ray of sunshine in everyone's day! Things may seem a little poopoo-ish these days but it will all be worth it in the end sweetie I promise. I am super excited for our Megann and Nora date night on Wednesday but in the meantime please ask your Mommy for my phone number and if you feel like a little chat, happy or sad (cause both are ok) you pick up the phone and call me!! I love you monkey magoo!! xoxo Megann

  6. What a beautiful post! NJ sounds like such a special little girl. You know, when my twins were born and one had to stay in the NICU for a few weeks because she was too small to come home, I felt really, really sad. Then a dear friend told me that this would always be part of her special story of who she was. I think that's a really great way to think of difficult times. They can be hard when we are going through them, but we come out a little stronger and then they are part of our story of our family and of who we are. This is one part of the bigger picture of who you are and why you are such an important part of your family. I can see why your mom and dad are so proud of you.

  7. NJ - you don't know me, but I have a little girl around your age, so I know how amazing it is that you can handle all of this stuff going on right now. Your mom and dad are so incredibly proud of you. What a huge help you have been by pitching in, and especially by giving great hugs. I can't wait to hear how you teach your daddy to ride a bike!

  8. Way to go NJ, you rock!!! Like Jen I was lucky enough to see and hear all about you right from when your Mummy and Daddy first got to see a photo of you, they were super duper excited, they love you and SQ so, so, so much!!

    I have 3 children, Lulu who is 7, Beau who is 4 and Posy who is 2 (nearly 3!). Lulu was born in China just like you and SQ!! Beau and Posy were born in Taiwan which is a tiny island right next to China and guess what in Taiwan the people speak Chinese! Oooops here I go gibber gabbering!

    What I really wanted to say is that you are doing so awesome! No wonder your Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you. I think I would be feeling a bit confused and wondering to myself, what day is it today, who do I get to have fun with and what surprise will I have for lunch (its very interesting seeing what other people pack for lunch isn't it? Whats been the best one so far?). I'd also be wanting Daddy to come home as quick as he can! You must be very proud of him, he's really getting the hang of his new lungs isn't he? Do you think they will make him even more funny than before? Hmmm, I don't think its possible do you? Hang in there NJ it won't be too much longer and you will all be together again, Mummy, Daddy, SQ and you! (and your lovely poochies too of course!) Lots of love from Debs in CT

  9. HI NJ, I live in Italy now but I was born and grew up in Montreal.

    You are being such a good girl, a real trooper helping out at home while your Dad's in hospital! Keep up the good work, you will see it'll fly by. Before you know it, Dad and Mom will be home again and your sister will be home from camp and your family will be splashing around in the pool all together!

    My son is almost 10 years and adopted from Ethiopia. The next time we visit Montreal, I promise I will contact your Mom and we can all meet in person.

    Take good care and if you want to pictures of us, you can ask your Mom to show you my Facebook page.

    all our love from Turin, Italy....Anna

  10. You are a total rock star, NJ!! Keep smiling your big beautiful smile. You don't know how much you keep everyone going each and everyday!!!

    Elizabeth from Virginia via Florida :)

  11. Hi NJ! My name is Amanda, and my daugher Sofia was born in China and is seven years old. Your mommy and daddy are so proud of you, and for good reason. The letter you wrote to your daddy made me smile, and I hope that you get to teach him to ride a bike very soon.

    Happy Saturday, sweet girl!

  12. NJ, sweet, sweet girl, we are all proud of you, even people who have never met you! You are almost the same age as my little girl Z. (who is Chinese just like you), and I know you would be great friends. It is hard to go through something that takes away your mom and dad at the same time for so many days. Everyone is so very happy for your dad, and we know you are too. But it's hard right now, right? That's ok. It's ok when it's hard. You can keep helping when you can, and talking to your friends when you feel worried or sad or confused. I wish I could ring the bell and deliver a treat to your house and meet you in person! Keep sending your videos and making cards and writing notes to your daddy (and mom too). I know he loves them, and you can help make him much happier by telling him all your daddy secrets. Great job NJ! Hopefully we will meet you in person some day. Love from New Jersey--from Amy, Eli, Zelie, and Ren!

  13. Stephanie, Neil and AndrewJune 30, 2012 at 5:11 AM

    NJ I hope you know how how awesome we think you are (especially Andrew!!) You are a very brave little girl and really special. Andrew would love if you came over!!!

  14. V you made me cry.
    NJ is the most fantastic 7 year old I've ever heard of, and you and Jay are so lucky to have her.
    NJ you can be so proud of yourself!

  15. Rachelle SochaczevskiJune 30, 2012 at 6:16 AM

    NJ you are a big bag of awesome. You were amazing when your Mom and Dad had to split the party and you took over as charming hostess. I hear from your Mom all the time how very helpful and squishy and snuggly and great you are being during this crazy week. You are an important member of your family and you have shown just how BIG you are now. Sometimes kids can make a big difference in life and in their families and that is what you are doing. Keep up the great work. Stay charming. Keep giggling and always roll with it. Your mom and dad are very lucky to have you.

  16. NJ - I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. To have a loved one in the hospital, and to have to be strong for everyone in the family. I went through something similar when I was 8 years old. You can ask your mom to tell you my story, or you can call me anytime and I would be happy to talk to you about it. It's not an easy role to take on, but you are doing a FANTASTIC job. You are like a ray of sunshine in your family, and I think it helps your mom get through her day, knowing that she has you to come home to. You are so loved and appreciated by everyone who knows you. You are a very special little girl. xoxoxo Steph

  17. NJ you are a real trooper all your family is proud of you, tu es une
    petite fille bien spéciale et on t'aime pour ce que tu es et comme tu es.

    matante Micheline xxx

  18. I can't believe how brave and amazing you are NJ and how special you are to your mommy and daddy. I have little girls just 6 and I hope they are as resilient as you when they are almost 7! Make sure you keep everyone in line. XO Jenny

  19. NJ my recently 7 year old little boy thinks you are just rockin' (his word) and he wishes that he could have you over to play because he has heard all about the amazing exploits of Chuck N. He figures you would be a great addition to the Super Hero Team he and his best friend have.

  20. Hi NJ
    I have an about to be 7 year old daughter from China too. We are all so proud of you across th world for being the wonderful daughter, sister and friend you are. Life is a little hard now but pretty soon it will be much better and your Dad will be able to play more than ever.
    You should feel really proud of yourself for your unselfish love.
    Have a beautiful day!
    joAnn in NJ (new jersey)

  21. Oh my gosh! What an amazing and special girl you must be, NJ! I am a friend of one of your mom's Facebook friends, and I just stopped by this blog to read all about your Daddy's new lungs. I am so happy to hear that his operation went well. Aren't we lucky to have hospitals and doctors now who can do things like that? Wowza!

    It sounds like your mom is going to be spending some special time just with you today, so I'm sure you are having fun -- and lots & lots of hugs! Just think, when you go back to school in September and the teacher asks about what everyone did over the summer...what a story YOU will have to tell!! Maybe the most important part of the whole story will be about how much love there is in the world -- from people who don't even know you!

    Extra hugs, and lots of love from here (I live in California)


  22. Salut NJ
    Félicitations d'aider ta maman.
    L'automne passé, j'étais supposé te voir mais ma maman a eu une opération et une pneumonie qui a durée presque 3 mois, alors même à Noël on a vu personne. J'espère que maintenant que ton papa et ma maman vont mieux on pourra se voir. J'aimerai te montrer mes œuvres d'art. Après mon voyage on pourrait peut-être se voir. Cet été je vais au camp chinois.
    De Chloé, ta cousine de Chine

  23. NJ,
    You are an amazing awesome kid! This is hard, but when you are older and ride bikes with a dad who doesn't cough or struggle to will understand.


  24. NJ
    You don't know me but I have a little girl who is nearly 6 from China who has a big sister of 11 away at camp for the first time too. We live in England and she is at camp in Maine! She is so missing her big sister. I think you are doing an amazing job being so supportive to your mum and dad and coping without your big sis. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for being such a great help to everyone. It will all be so worthwhile.
    A big hug from across the pond!

  25. Laurie (Claire's mommy)July 2, 2012 at 12:27 PM


    This is coming late because I've been in Europe for 5 days and am just now getting caught up, but I am so very impressed with what a big girl you are and how well you are handling what, for anyone, is a very tough situation. You rock, girl! Hugs and kisses from all of us in Jersey...