Thursday, June 28, 2012

visitors needed fri/sat/sun

I am trying to plan the next couple of days. Because he is still in ICU, his care is above-and-beyond and I know they are there every second, but he will be moved to a post-op floor, and while I know the care will be just as good, it won't be ALL THE TIME, and at this point, we still need someone in the room with Jay from 7 am to 7 pm.

Today is covered (you can still come by if you were planning to, that is fine, I just mean there are no gaps in coverage!). But the next few days are bit sparse. I will be there from 7 am to 4 pm on Friday. So far, I have no one at any point between 4 and 7. I know it's a difficult time, but if you can spare 1 hour on your way home, that would be great, it doesn't have to be then entire 3 hours.

Same thing for Saturday and Sunday. I can either do days or afternoon-evening, but I do need to be home with NJ at some point. So if you were planning on coming this weekend, can you please comment on here and let me know when. This way I can plan around it & we can avoid people showing up at the same time.

Because there should NEVER be more than 2 people in the room. And it's totally necessary to mostly sit there and hang out. Believe it or not, I mostly talk with/to him only a few minutes, then he sleeps for an hour. That is the way it should be. Jay can get pretty chatty, but it's important to remember the lungs are new to him and he needs rest. Plus those long walks make a guy sleepy!

So please use the comment section to let me (and Jay!) know if you were planning on coming.


  1. Hi Virginia,
    I spoke with my mother (also Jay's) and she would like to help and be there but may need a ride part or all of the way...she will try with Jody but if you could contact her as she has no computer and cannot keep up with the blog and has no cell to text you...basically living in the dark ages. But she is perfectly happy to sit quietly with Jay.She is available most of the weekend but you have to call her.

  2. Mommy will gladly come Saturday am. And she could stay all day.

  3. Hi. Jay we are all so excited you are doing well. The whole family sends regards.
    It would be my pleasure to visit Saturday at 2pm? does that work? if not that time, actually, i am free anytime on Saturday so let me know if you have less coverage at some other time.

    lots of love...

    1. Eve that is great. Jay is kooking forward to it!

  4. Is that ok for mommy to come Saturday morning? Please reply.

  5. Update: Friday 4 is taken.
    Sat. I will do 7 to 12:15, Jay's mom at 12, eve at 2. Any takers for 4 pm?
    Sunday still wide open! Come in, Canada day with the most loveable federalist you know!

  6. I would love to spend Canada day morning with my friend. A few hours in the AM, what time do you want me to arrive?

  7. Mark ira samedi de 4 a 6 ou 7 dites nous ce qui est préférable.. If I havé a bbsitter I'll come Foy a bit.
    Mark et Dominique

  8. So if I got this right, friday is full, saturday is just about full and Sunday&monday are clear. Unless friday afternoon ( after 2 pm) opens up, I'm good for Sunday @ 11 am!
    jason caron

  9. V, so I'll come early Sunday and Jason will take over at 11...

  10. Oh that is such wonderful news! Thank you si much everyone. I will take N.J. to a movie Saturday and now we can slerp in on Sunday and I can come right after lunch.
    Thank you everyone! jay will enjoy the variety in visitors and N.J. and can spend quality time.