Sunday, July 1, 2012

1 week anniversary

Well it has been just about 1 week since the transplant and numerous readers have been hankering for a report. Actually none have but entertain me...

The staff here has been kind, attentive and personable. I think the best way to capture the experience is to say the transplant experience kicks the French summer immersion program at jonquiere by far.

99.9 per cent of the staff speak French. They are chatty and helpful. I was raised learning French at Talmud Torah/herzliah. I can honestly say that teachers like Roch Turbide, Madame Blackburn and Monsieur lefebvre would find I could give plywood a good race in carrying on a coherent, grammatically correct French conversation. after a week of immersion in the French milieu my former teachers would be delighted with my progress.

The staff is helpful in every way imaginable. From the mundane of dealing with fecal matter to nipping a pneumonia in the bud, everything is done quickly, effectively and with dignity.

I have made friends with the orderlies. It was probably postop euphoria but I shot off my mouth with pronouncements that the Azzuri would make it to the finals. Most replied with polite stares as you might regard a loud aging slightly crazy uncle. In the end the Azzuri did get to the finals and people think I am only slightly less crazy.

So, in summary, the transplant program is a great cultural, educational opportunity and I am already coming out a better person for it.

Now, keep your lungs tidy and sign your donor card.

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  1. Mr. Turbide? Seriously??? Who understood a word he said? I had him at herz Saint-Laurent for grade 9 french I think...that reference made me laugh! Still missing your weather reports..keep posting - you guys are amazing! Hope to see you this week and check up on you fabulous progress!

  2. M. Turbide, Mme Blackburn, M. Lefebvre...a blast from the past!! I actually bumped into M. Turbide at the airport a few years ago, and HE recognized ME. In any case, happy one week anniversary to you and your new lungs. Cheers to many more.

  3. Well, the Azzuri did make it to the finals but did not fair too well. Glad to hear that you are though!

  4. And a very Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope that you are getting well acquainted ;)

  5. I remember Mme Blackburn vividly but the others are a total blur. You glossed over the fecal matter update, way to keep your readers clamouring for more... xoxox

  6. Happy one week anniversary, every day i come here to read about your progress.