Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adventures in Glycemia

I am definitely old school. I love my AM radio band, I gladly wear socks and sneakers and I have little, if any, idea on how to text messages. Naturally, I bring a John Wayne type attitude towards pain i.e. it does not exist. There are very few things that get to me at a visceral level. I have just a couple of exceptions.

Cheese cuts to the heart of the matter. It is all a matter of taste but just about every type of cheese makes me want to hurl. In fact, many cheeses are off-limits to lung transplant survivors. My condolences to those individuals. About the only cheese I adore are Kraft/Migdal orange slices, particularly those slices wrapped in plastic. Those seal in the fresh taste as well as the 5 cups of milk in each slice.

Needles petrify me. It probably is an odd thing for me to say considering I have had 100s of needles recently not to mention rolling up my chest like the blinds in my room. I do not shout, squirm or spasm in a frantic way when I get a shot. I just need to look away. This coping mechanism has worked delightfully until now...

You see, now that I am on such fantastic anti-rejection drugs like Prednisone, Prograff, and Cellcept (don't they sound delicious?) there will be a profound effect on my sugar levels. I eat no candy, no pastry or anything else sweet. The sweetest things I eat are Sun-Maid raisins (always look for the lady wearing a bonnet for your freshest raisin supply) and Rougemont apple juice. There is not much to cut out of my diet.

Upon being discharged, I was given the most basic lesson in taking my sugar level. The basic problem is that I need to load the needle and then watch myself give me a needle. This is highly agitating. Sometimes the prick is too small and I have to start all over again. Thus far, I have needed to take my sugar level 6 times but have had about 12 other useless pricks. The success rate has got to improve. Incidentally, anxiety, neuroses and frustration over blood sugar reading is not the best marital aid just in case you were wondering....

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  1. OMG Jay you are so funny!! Sometimes the smallest things can be the most difficult. It's crazy. maybe you can get NJ to help you...there are kids who love doing that stuff and she seems like one that might, who knows? Love your posts! D.
    PS. Ella would not be one of those kids as she was horrified by needle thing...