Sunday, July 1, 2012

a word from V

What's the protocol? Am I still allowed to blog, or is this officially the Jay-Show? I haven't had my password revoked, so I assume I am still allowed. Also, I bring him the iPad and take it away, so he should be nice to me....

Wanted to tell everyone how much the notes, but especially the visits, mean to Jay. I must be a boring visitor because the day nurse commented on how much he enjoyed the 3 guys who started his day... I hear the political discussions got pretty heated and were broken up when his mother and sister showed up. Guess his mom can still make him sit and listen, good thing!

On the home front, NJ had a fabulous day. We started off by doing nothing. One laptop, one new ipod, 1 hour of nothingness in bed together. Then we packed up most of the craft room to prepare it for our student's arrival. NJ is a master organiser and was the perfect person for the job. After making her daily video for daddy, she spent the rest of the day swimming and then biking to a sushi restaurant. She is not even back yet, it's almost 8 pm, guess they are having a good time!

Thank you again to everyone who is supporting us through this. I won't lie, it gets hard at some points to juggle it all. But watching Jay progress so quickly and with such gusto, it makes the rest seem all silly.

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