Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am sure no reader would be surprised to know that I have been walking around with a bunch of staples across my chest. Those staples are keeping the nasty gash left by the clamp shell method closed (nothing like throwing in some free medical terminology). Today was the day to remove half the staples.

The nurses asked if I wanted to take anything. Being a disciple of Mr. T and Hulk Hogan, amongst others, I naturally scoffed at the idea. Virginia, being the rational sort, suggested I take something. Meagerly, I gave in. The nurse returned with 2 pills and said she would return in 20 minutes.

The nurse returned in due time and proceeded to remove half the staples. I felt a little woozy but luckily a tasty lunch of boeuf bourgignon with potatoes, beans and soup was served to me. At the conclusion of the meal I said to Virginia that this hospital really knew its stuff as the effect of the sedative had vanished.

It was at this moment that Virginia nearly peed in her pants. She explained to me I was given tylenol for the procedure. I pity the fool!


  1. you got a little high. on 2 tylenols. meanwhile, we could have been hoarding pain pills....

  2. Wait, you got high on tylenol??? BRHAHAHAHAHAHA! Glad some of the staples are out!

  3. Best laugh of the day!!!! Glad to hear thatyour recvery is coming alng so nicely! BH"

  4. Best laugh of the day.

    SuperJay, keep soaring thorugh the air with the greatest of ease.

    I look forward to short walks around the block. Then longer bike rides around Westmount. Eventually, all 8 of us will ski down Algonquin at Mont-Tremblant.

  5. What can one say to that? You render me speechless Jay! Keep 'em coming!