Sunday, July 1, 2012

A wonderful Summer Saturday

Last you heard from me I was debasing the blogging profession with my "liberation". Well, this transplant business is serious and I came down with pneumonia. Luckily doctors are plentiful and we nipped the problem in the bud. It's the little things that make everyday special.
Yesterday, started with my usual bathing procedure was complimented by a wonderful facial shave Mario, it felt good. Things continued to improve as virginia and amy fish came by with an early morning visit. Eager to make up for lost time, I was placed in my lounger by 9 am. After a brief 5 hour visit Virginia got the rest of the day off, and replaced by excellent visitors, mummy and Jody kept the banter lights while I enjoyed a lunch of dore sole (Marvelous). They were ably replaced by my old friend Eve despite heading in days and battles with the Israeli bureaucracy, she found a couple of hours to spend with me. We took a fine tour of nostalgiaville. Discussing the old snowden neighborhood and her dad's retail adventures in Verdun.
Finally, Mark Winkler, a true renaissance man of conversation, filled out the day. What did we not talk about? Wife's, lovers and other strangers (oh I am confusing myself with the old CFQR radio show) we talked family, the middle east, and memories of growers, apple cider, Rick satenstein and wild capital day celebrations in our nations capital that are already more than 15 years past. Live really rushes by.
Ten hours had pasted since being placed in my lounger, so I felt it was time to get back to bed. But life had one more sweat surprise, I was nearing 40 hours since my last bathroom rendezvous, I rung for assistance and Michel assisted me to the toilet and casually motioned towards a cord I should pull when done, and he would finish the job, what class! Being in a rush I failed to notice the correct wire, I can now say with certainty there are a crap load of wires emanating from my body, each of which was pulled without success. Mildly panicked I began tapping on my room door, but the provided privacy curtain dulled my knocking. I now lifted the curtains and began banging rather incessantly on the window, however the ICU is a large place... I finally decided to peel the privacy curtains right back and engage in a mixture of dancing and shouting. Fortunately a nurse came to my rescue prior to sending me to the psych ward. The important thing is you learn a new thing everyday, the bright red cord right beside the toilet labeled "emergency" is the one you pull.
So even though I move no more than 20 feet the entire day, life's little adventures really make for a swell afternoon.
It is at this time that I ask you to keep your lungs tidy and sigh your donor card.

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  1. Jay, great to see you blogging again. You never fail to entertain. That pneumonia thing didn't stand a chance.

  2. Jay, What a posting!!! I read it to Mommy and she was laughing so much! She and I felt so heartened by should be a columnist! You missed your calling...Happy Canada Day! Mommy will be there at 1:00 and is looking forward to it.

  3. oh dear lord. and this is exactely why we cannot leave you alone.... the one thing you had to pay attention to! maybe the hearing aids will help! (you know, to hear the instructions like: Pull THIS wire)

  4. CHERYL SOKOLOFF NOVACKJuly 1, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Great post Jay. It's a pleasure to read , just like your morning weather reports. Looking forward to many more!!!