Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things you need to know

Michael Libman, a great and good friend of mine, purchased me 3 lottery tickets. Apparently 1 winning ticket of 50 million was drawn from Quebec. In addition, 7 quebecers have also won a million dollars each. The tickets are who knows where but I feel as though I am already blessed.

At about 6:12 this morning I felt some kind of weird sensation. After a protracted, often uncomfortable 59 hour labor period, mother nature finally called. The proud father claims to have immediately shed about 8 pounds of body weight. I can only say that it only rarely one feels such an utter state of bliss and contentment.

As many of you may know, I left the ICU last night. The level of care extended to me was nothing short of Herculean. As a result, when the orderly offered to sit me in my lounger this morning, I had no qualms. I remembered my chair from the ICU. It was well-appointed with a blanket, a cushion, a pillow etc. Fast forward to two hours after sitting in the chair this morning was when it struck me that I placed nothing between my buttocks and the beautiful blue vinyl chair...the dislodging is somewhat unpleasant.

In other good news,my catheter was removed. The nurse approached me with a syringe. I naturally made a sound but she assured me it was because I was engorged/swollen/ballooned that she needed to do this. Sure enough I started to feel something. Then I felt a lot of pressure. Have you ever feared/wanted the same thing to happen simultaneously? I realized where this increasing pressure was leading to. Then she said "grand respiration" and what seemed like a 1 minute ordeal was over in 45 seconds.

Clearly the day is going well. Now all I have to do is pee. Time passed and then the nurse told me I needed to pee within 90 minutes. Who is good under pressure?

As I mentioned I am now in a normal ward so the manpower is not the same. At about 3:50 I felt not a tinkle but, unbelievably, a second call to nature. I ring my bell. 10 minutes pass and I am really rocking back and forth. Finally, help arrives. I must do my business but I also need to hold a pitcher simultaneously as I have been warned to keep the first pee. Incredibly nature called and I passed enough urine to satisfy the catheter authorities.

You see how I already feel so lucky.
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  1. Pee and poo in the same post. Now we feel lucky.

  2. anyone still thinks I am ghost writing this blog? This is your evidence to the contrary.

  3. Ah! I'm glad to see that Bladder and Bowel are working fine!

  4. Great to hear that all is back to normal after all that manipulation...I'm sure it feels great and is reassuring. Thanks for keeping us up to date!