Thursday, July 12, 2012


What a treat to cap off a long day...Virginia and the kids came to the hospital for a picnic! It was a bit of a stressful day as I had many meetings with, you guessed it, many doctors. In addition, I had my first blood transfusion. It is a painfully slow process - like 6 hours long slow. I just kept thinking ahead to the picnic.

Sure enough, at 6:12 my phone rang. Virginia and the kids were on the way. I immediately rushed to the elevators. I waited at the main elevator for at least 10 minutes with no success. Having been on the hospital for 5, no make that 18 days, I know all the shortcuts. I went to the ancient service elevators but after 5 minutes I lost my patience and chastened myself for leaving my original plan. Surely that elevator came. Nope, the lady I was waiting with was still there. I am starting to panic as I cannot walk down 8 flights of stairs. I head across the ward and finally success!

I now head towards the front door. It seems like a glorious evening. I have not been outside for a single second since my arrival. The kids intercepted me, hugged me and we went outside together. Ah, for the sweet love of liberty, it is simply gorgio outside. What a marvelous evening to take in the fresh air.

The food could have been rancid and I would not have cared (it was excellent). Just the chance to eat together as a family outside was an absolute delight. We had some sparkling dinner conversation. At one point I asked NJ if I ever complained and she replied very rarely. Is this kid not even 7? We ate, chatted and watched the sun kind of set over Lafontaine Park ( a fine spot for locals and tourists alike).

Then, it was time to go. Another round of hugs and kisses and off to the Snodmobile. It was just the fill-up I needed to continue my journey...


  1. What a great post. The amazing story continues.

  2. Wow Jay...this posting makes my heart sing like the Sheepdogs at Bluesfest! So happy for you...I was waiting for the moment when you would breathe that fresh sweet air...and how amazing it would feel and the moment arrived sooner than we thought! Incredible!!

  3. CHERYL SOKOLOFF NOVACK.July 13, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    Loved this post more then the others, if that is possible.

  4. ahhh Jay ... crying in Turin.... you have a wonderful family and I am so glad you are getting better and better every day. big hugs from la bella Italia! Anna from Turin

  5. Jay, your blogs make me cry...
    What a life. So happy for you!