Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visitors - updated

so far today (tuesday) the morning is very busy, jay's sisters are both visiting from out of town. in the afternoon it's just me, so pop in to say hi!
As far as I know no one is coming at 4 so if you are, let us know.
I know a surprise visitor(s) is coming later after work.....

Wednesday Dr. Jason will come afternoon-evening, time to be determined.
Ines will return Thursday.
both of those days can easily be split by others in the 4 to 8 pm slot so if you have time, just comment and come.

Friday is kind of a special day... I might want to go out to dinner, if anyone is free (big hint). but only if someone else can come hang out with jay, because I know I would not be able to enjoy one second of my bday dinner knowing he was alone eating hospital food.

Still looking for volunteers for SATURDAY all day! (melissa, I know you are coming! I am just hoping to not make you sit there all day!!). StephS. coming 9 to 11, anyone else? NJ and I will be picking up SQ at camp.

PS: jay really likes to have the ipad, so I didn't take it at 4 yesterday, I left it and had Dina bring it to my house. I think I would like to do that everyday. If you plan on coming after work, can you please comment (you can leave initials, I can usually figure it out) or text me. That way I'll know the iPad will make it home. Otherwise, after I put NJ to bed I will drive back to get it, because if he is alone at dinner time, at least he can write us updates!!!

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  1. Update: Steph Steinman 9-11, eve/Rick 11-1

    We are still looking fro Friday night, saturday after 1 anytime til 8 and Sunday. Sq is coming home sat. Which will make it next to impossible for me to come this weekend for more than 5 min.

    Please know that we are both SO grateful for your kindness and we appreciate any time you can spare!