Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good morning from Home

As the last entry indicated, the blog is entering a new phase. No longer will I be coming to you from my palatial suite at Notre Dame Hospital. Rather, I have now shifted to my more modest residential bungalow. What this has to do with the blog remains unclear. Obviously, the blog will change as without my characters like Blood Test Lady and the various doctors, I will have to scrounge a bit deeper for material...

Well, I must say, the first morning home has been fantastic. The whole family walked the dogs together. That is to say, Virginia walked the dogs, and we accompanied her. It took us about 15 minutes and I did not cough or lose my breath at any moment. Let's give the transplant team 2 points. Upon returning, NJ actually made and served me scrambled eggs. Awesome! Not to deride the hospital, but I actually had cold milk with my cereal. Yoohoo!

In case you are wondering, upon returning home, the dogs gave me a royal welcome. The kids had no idea I was coming home so when they returned from camp it is fair to say they were go smacked. I was given a hearty round of hugs and kisses. People came to visit and a wonderful Shabbat meal was had by all.

It is great to be back!
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  1. Could you maybe go back to the hospital and then come home again when i get back? (GOD FORBID) I always miss everything good.