Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scheduling ahead

Its early on Sunday morning and I cannot give you a jay update because I haven't spoken to him since yesterday. I am sure we will hear from him as soon as Micheal hands him his iPad.

I would like to plan ahead for this week as things are bit more complicated: NJ and I are alone. So i will drop her off at camp early and be by hospital a little before 9. So if anyone is an early riser and wants to pop in on jay at 7 anyday this week, put it in the comments.

I will stay from 9 to 330.  I enjoy spending time with my husband, so feel free to drop in if it fits your schedule, but no long visits during those hours. (Obviously this does not apply to out of towners, I am happy to share him with people who come in. But if you live here and could pick another time, that would be helpful)

I will leave by 330 to pick up NJ from camp. Many of you have asked to have her for dinner or play dates. Thank you. But as though as she is beeing,  she does need her mom. So this week she is hanging with Megann on Wednesday and my dad will come for dinner either Tue or Thur. Lets leave it at that for now, but if I need it, I know lots of people willing to feed her.

So this leaves every day from 330 to about 7 it 8 depending on how he feels. You don't have to come for the whole thing. An hour after work is fine. Please write it in the comments. As it fills up I will update as best as I can.

Finally. And this is a biggy..... next Saturday the 7th. NJ and I will drive to pick up sq at camp. Which means I will not be there at all that day (I am already anxious about it!)  Stephanie steinman has already volunteered to do til 11. So you can all sleep in! But who can plan ahead and book some time for next Saturday? We need to make sure there are no gaps because he certainly will be out of ICU by then, which means a bit less staffing and more for us to do.

Again, I thank everyone who is volunteering. Priority #1 jay. Priority #2 NJ.


  1. Ines is coming monday at 4. the Cliff and Steph will both be by (seperately) in the pre-lunch period. Adjust your schedules accordingly! ;) (I'm thinking we need a google calendar. Jay loves a good google calendar!)

  2. Hi V,
    If your dad doesn't come for dinner on tues - I will go at 3:30 and stay till bedtime since my kids will have left for camp.
    Also, next weekend, Michael & I are available and we'll be there 11-2 (or more if needed).
    Hope that helps,