Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nitty gritty

Being a blog about the transplant process things can get nasty. After two and a half days of shaking rattling and rolling a great event happened at 8:23 am...I had a loogie! So many things to observe. First of all, this was not strictly my "brand" but a combination of my donor and I. I will not bore you with the details, but elements such size, texture, color and thickness were duly noted. I feel the excitement is building.

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  1. Lovely. At least you know things are working differently. This is a good sign.

    Did you do the full baseball gig and adjust the cup before spitting?

  2. Please join me in giving thanks that there is no photo capabilities on J's ipad.

  3. Agree with A....That would be gross!! But congrats on the achievements...poops, loogies...can't imagine what could be next???
    D. Actually I think I was actually there for that one!!