Friday, July 6, 2012

The latest

You know how people say you shouldn't believe everything you hear? Well, the combination of a bronchoscopy, an epidural removal and a pick line insertion is not the trifecta you are looking to experience.

While it as cool to see my lungs and experience a bronchial lavage, let's just say I can wait 3 weeks for the next one.

Between the sedative for the bronchoscopy and for the pick line, let's just say I had wee bit of a reaction. I slightly remember telling ines about how lovely Europe is and I spent most of the night battling off dastardly enemy operatives. Though disturbing, no one's life is really complete without having one hell of a hallucinatory experience.

Things are mundane today as I try to enjoy the food, walk and try to have a few loogies. Many of you readers seem to cling to the basest of the human experience.for you I will tell you we ate coming up on 48 hours since my last movement. G-d help me.

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  1. You actually thought the hospital was in Europe. I asked why and you answered you didn't know. What I thought was amazing was that despite the drugs and the fact that you looked clearly out of it, when the nurse came you had a very comprehensive exchange in French with her. I was very impressed. It's great that you got better after the night's rest.